Press release 01/2020

Saving time and money due to pre-sale

The ticket pre-sale for the 18th KWF-Tagung has started. As of now tickets can be ordered in advance at Not only up to 20% on the admission price can be saved here, but also a lot of time. One does not have to queue at the ticket office on the day of the visit. The largest forestry demonstration fair takes place from 1st through 4th of July 2020, in Schwarzenborn (Hessia, Germany).

„We are offering two types of tickets on this occasion“ says managing director of the KWF, Prof. Dr. Ute Seeling. „One ticket enables the visitor to see the Expo, inlcuding attendig the congress. The other ticket includes – in addition to the visit of KWF-Expo and congress – the participation at the in-field demonstrations.“ Both types of tickets can be purchased as an one-day ticket or ticket for several days.

Pre-sale day tickets cost 40 Euros. To visit the fair as well as in-field demonstrations one pays 55 Euros due to the pre-sale. The fair guide with detailed descriptions of the 32 excursion points as well as practical explanations of costs and services is included in the ticket price. Discount for students and people with disabillities is only guaranteed during pre-sale.

Visiting groups from 20 people upward are offered a group discount. It is only available within the pre-sale and will be activated after registration under „“

The fairground is open on all four days. In-field demonstrations are to be visited from 1st through 3rd of July.

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P. Harbauer

printable photos:

  • KWF Tagung 2020: tickets (landscape format)
  • KWF-Tagung 2020: tickets (upright format)