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Highly topical fous points are area preparation and reforestation

Once again the motto of the in-field demonstrations at the 18th KWF-Tagung displays: Facts instead of advertising. At 31 demonstration points, neutral experts present complete practical working procedures. Supported by partners from all over Germany, the German Center for Forest Work and Technology (KWF) shows modern and KWF-approved forestry technology in live operation. The highly topical focus is reforestation – with topics of area preparation as well as regeneration by seeding and planting. With 18 demonstration points, methods of timber harvesting focussing on forest protection constitute the largest area. Further, the topic „blasting technique in forestry“ is shown at one demonstration point. In-field demonstrations can be visited from Wednesday to Friday.

Significant topics are presented along a 16km demonstration loop. At a total of nine demonstration points, visitors are offered practical Solutions to bring the extensive calamity areas created by storm and beetle back to stock. The topic is divided into area preparation, final felling, seeding, and various planting methods.
In the large section of safe and careful timber harvesting, the focus is on sustainability, soil conservation, logistics and IT as well as ergonomics and occupational safety. Both new and proven operating methods are presented. „At two points we show, e.g. methods for the extremely dangerous work in unstable stocks with dryness damage and a high percentage of dead knots,“ announces Dr. Andreas Forbrig. The head of the KWF department „Forest Working Procedures & Technology Assessment“ is responsible for organising the in-field demonstrations.

Another topic is the use of blasting technology for forestry work. Two points demonstrate how trees damaged by extreme drought are logged or water surfaces can be created for wet biotopes by a blasting operation.
Demonstrations take place on all three days continuously from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Each demonstration lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. Practitioners inform at every particular station about the procedures, operating conditions and costs.

A busshuttle ensures transportation to the individual demonstration points. The bus entrance is located at the entrance west on the Expo site. For visitors wanting to visit the in-field demonstrations directly, an extra parking space is located next to the demonstration area.
To visit both KWF-Expo and in-field demonstrations, combined tickets are offered. They are available as a one-day or multi-day ticket and enable the visitor to visit the KWF-Expo, in-field demonstrations and congress. The entrance fee of 55 or 100 euros (presale-prices) contains the informative excursion guide. It is a detailed documentation of individual excursion points, with all information on the procedures – including the performance and costs of the machines, ergonomics, occupational safety and environmental compatibility.

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